3-Phase Power Cable 125A 20 metres

CEE 125A 5P Male/Female 20 metres

Heavy hitting cable with a length of 20 metres and cores of 35mm2. Ideal for events with high power requirements.

16.00 Excl. VAT

3-Phase Power Cable 125A 20 metres

You really can’t avoid the use of power current at larger events or on occasions where a lot of equipment is required. Often these event locations have one or more power connections. However, these are not always located very conveniently. Or to put it bluntly, never. Fortunately, we can overcome this problem quite easily through the use of a special power cable. You shouldn’t compare this cable with a normal extension cable. This cable can carry a much higher amount of current. In fact, it can carry about 24 times as much as a normal extension cable. An essential difference which is also reflected in the cables size and weight.

Power Cable

This power cable is 20 metres long. This makes this cable ideal to use as a connection between the 125A connection and a switchboard. Of course, you can also use this cable to loop through the voltage from on switchboard to the next. If your event’s location has a 125A connection, you need at least one of these cables to make use of it. Titanex products form the basis of this cable. They have been the market leader in the field of flexible and robust cables for many years. Flexibility and robustness are the most important qualities for heavy duty cables used in the events industry. Inside the cable you will find 5 cores with a diametre of 35mm2. This is very thick, but necessary for transporting a large amount of current.


We take good care of our cables. After all, they are crucial if you want your event to run smoothly. This certainly applies to power cabling. These often provide the power supply for all electronic equipment. Reliable power cables are therefore essential for a quality event. When renting these cables from us, you will always receive them neatly coiled up and clean. We expect the rented cables to be returned to us in the same condition. If this is not the case, we will apply a cleaning and rewinding surcharge.

Is a 20 metre 125A power cable a bit on the long side for your event? Then take a look at our 10 metre long version. It’s shorter, but doesn’t sacrifice any flexibility or robustness.

Tech specs

  • Brand


  • Model

    H07RN 5G35

  • Length

    20 metres

  • Colour


  • Connector A

    125A CEE 5P Male

  • Connector B

    125A CEE 5P Female

  • Examination


  • Safety Standard


  • Weight

    64.0 KG

3-Phase Power Cable 125A 20 metres order

Heavy hitting cable with a length of 20 metres and cores of 35mm2. Ideal for events with high power requirements.

€ 16.00 Excl. VAT