Rent 2 Production

Are you organising a conference, seminar, presentation, or convention? Then you want to be sure that every little thing is well taken care of. With Rent 2 Production, we make sure that every audiovisual aspect of your event is taken care of by us.

In an initial meeting we will gladly go over your wishes and expectations regarding the event. We will take this information and turn it into a non-binding proposal wherein audiovisual technology will be utilised to optimally convey your event’s message to the audience.

After an agreement is made, we will use technical blueprints to decide exactly where and how each piece of equipment will benefit the transmission of your message. With the help of these blueprints we will also start the pre-production. This means that all of the equipment will be prepared for the event.

Show operators

When we arrive at the location, the audiovisual aspects of the event will be prepared by our qualified crew precisely according to the plans. If desired, our operational personnel (such as sound, light or video techs) can run through the entire event as a dress rehearsal. This will make sure that everybody is aware of the most important points of the event and small errors or imperfections can be handled on time.

We will of course also take care of the operation of the audiovisual equipment during the event. The audio techs will make sure that all speakers are easily understood. Lighting techs will ensure that everyone on stage is seen and that all cues are followed. At the same time, our video techs will make sure that the audience is visible and that all instarts are executed precisely according to what is in the script. The crew will work together for a flawless event.

We will also take care of the clean up after the event so that the location is left tidy and in good order.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your event? Feel free to contact us for a free meeting. There’ll be coffee waiting!