Truss & Rigging rental

Truss is a modular product and, thanks to our large collection of truss sections, corner pieces and accessories, can be used to create various different constructions. Being the audiovisual partner of many event organisers, we have provided truss for a variety of events, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. If you are looking for a specific construction, or have a particular shape or setup in mind, please let us know. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Truss Construction

You can find the various designs for a truss construction below. All designs can be adjusted in size and shape. Are you looking for a different truss design? Contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

Square Truss

Create your own truss setup by manually selecting the truss parts you need. All our truss comes from the Prolyte H30V Series. This is a world-renowned truss brand known for its reliability and strength. Please make sure to have your personal truss construction checked by a professional.

Truss Baseplate

Prolyte H30V truss baseplates can be placed under the upright truss columns.

Single Truss

Single tubes can be used as an outrigger or to give your truss construction more strength.

Ladder Truss

Ladder truss can be used for small events and exhibition booths.

Lifting and hoisting

Truss lifts (wind up stands) and manual hoists to elevate complete truss constructions.

Backdrop Curtain

Backdrop to create a descent background of a stage or event venue. Easy connectable to truss.

Rigging Accessories

All the rigging accessories you need during a truss or rigging setup.

Renting Truss

What is Truss?
Truss is a construction material made of aluminium. Truss weighs very little, but when it is used in the correct manner it has a very high maximum weight load. Truss can be used in many different ways at events. Many events use truss as a framework on which to hang lighting, signs, soundsystems, or video systems. Despite truss being very simple to use, it must be set up in the correct manner. In order to guarantee the safety of the constructions, there are very strict rules for working with truss. Truss is a modular system. This makes it possible to build all different kinds of shapes and sizes.

Renting a Truss Construction
A truss construction is ideal for many events. You can rent a truss construction to place over a dance floor, convention stand, catwalk, exhibition, or stage. You can subsequently use the construction to house all of the necessities for your event. This inclues lighting, sound, video devices, special effects, decorations, and banners. Truss is a fully modular product. This means that you can create all shapes and sizes of constructions. We have given a few examples of truss constructions above to give an idea of what is possible. Of course, you can fuly personalise your truss construction. Any size is possible (as long as they adhere to the safety regulations). You can adjust the height, width, and length according to your needs.

Renting Truss for conventions
Truss is a popular product at conventions. It is very simple to hang lighting, banners, and decoration for your stand on a truss construction. We try our best to make it as simple as possible to rent and set up your truss construction. We are more than happy to provide advice and to think with you about your truss construction. We also offer fair prices for delivery of truss to all convention locations: Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, EXPO Houten, Evenementenhal Hardenberg, Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Evenementenhal Venray, Ahoy Rotterdam, EXPO Haarlemmermeer, Flanders EXPO, Antwerp EXPO, Brussel EXPO, Messe Frankfurt, Messe Essen, Messe Friedrichshafen, Messe Berlijn, Messe Düsseldorf, Ijsselhallen Zwolle, and others. You will only pay for rental on days that the truss is being used (convention days): we will not charge you for set up and break down days.

Renting Truss for a trade show
Do you need a convention stand multiple times a year? Maybe you need it at one of the Messe Hallen in Germany, an EXPO location in Belgium, the Amsterdam RAI, or at a location in France or Spain? No problem. We are happy to think with you about how to make your convention stand as multifuncational, compact, and budget-friendly as possible. The more convention stands you rent, the cheaper we can offer them to you. We can provide you with more information about the possibilities for your trade show. Contact us for information.

Hanging Truss by Hoists
Do you want to keep your floor space free? That’s possible. We can also hang truss from hoists in the ceiling of your space. The prices named above for floating truss constructions are exclusive of possible local rigging costs. This means that event locations such as the Amsterda RAI, the Utrecht Jaarbeurs, and some EXPO locations will charge extra for the use of their hoists. We will provide you with the correct drawings and will estimate the costs for you.

One stop shop
Being able to rent everything you need from one trustworthy supplier is great. You can come to HWC Events & Rentals for anything you need for your event. We rent truss, but also convention lighting, spots, and mood lighting. Sound systems with wireless microphones. Video devices like projectors, TVs, and touchscreens, and even everything you need for stages or catwalks!

Truss and Rigging: Rental Possibilities

Self Pickup and Return
The most budget friendly option for truss rental is to pick up and return the products yourself at one of our warehouses in Amsterdam or Breda. After making a reservation, you can pick your product(s) up in Amsterdam and Breda on work days between 09:00-17:00. Keep in mind that you will need some technical knowledge about truss in order to safely and properly build your truss construction. If you do not have this experience, we recommend using our setup and breakdown service, which you can find below.

Rental with Transport to the location
Truss is very bulky to transport. For orders of €125 excl. tax and over, we offer fairly priced transport to your location. This can be any location, such as your company HQ or a convention location in the Netherlands such as the Amsterdam RAI, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, EXPO Houten, Evenementenhal Hardenberg, Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Evenementenhal Venray, or Ahoy Rotterdam. We can also deliver to event locations in Germany or Belgium. You will see us regularly at the Messe Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Düsseldorf, Berlin or Essen, EXPO Brussels, EXPO Antwerp, or Flanders EXPO Ghent.

Rental with setup and breakdown
The most common rental method includes setup and breakdown, this option is available by orders over €200,- Excl. VAT. This means that your convention stand will be delivered and set up for you, completely ready to use. Have you also reserved technical products from us? Then your convention stand will be set up including the lighting, sound, video, or signs. You can add transport, setup & breakdown very easily by selecting it in the shopping cart. You can also contact us for a price estimate. We are happy to provide you with an offer for your convention stand.