Special Effects rental

Special effects help to create a special experience during events. We have various special effects for rent, such as confetti, dropfx and smoke. Tell us more about your event and your wishes and we will advise you on the right special effects kit for you.

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We provide confetti sets, confetti shooters and confetti cannons. From small office parties, product launches and openings to large stadiums and festivals, we have a confetti solution for every event.


Smoke and haze help you to enhance your laser or light show.


This powerful wind fans are used for performances and events, either to distribute the haze over the stage or as extra support for confetti shooters.


Kabuki Drop Systems are the perfect tool for revealing a product or building and are therefore perfect for openings and products launches.

Confetti Rental

Renting Confetti in the Netherlands or Belgium
You can come to HWC Events & Rentals for special effects rental in all of the Netherlands and Belgium. You see more and more special effects such as confetti, smoke, drop cloths, at events nowadays. We have made it easy to rent a complete confetti set in our rental shop. You can adjust the confetti according to your event, choose your colours and personalise your delivery. It is of course also possible to pick up and return your confetti set at one of our locations. This makes your rental experience fully customisable according to your service needs and budget.

Renting confetti: The Magic FX confetti power shots
As you may have already seen, we offer different confetti sets for rent. Are you renting for one specific confetti moment, as you often see at openings and unveilings? Then one of the confetti sets is suitable for you! All confetti sets are easy to set up and break down after a short explanation. Set 1 is suitable for small rooms, such as offices. Set 2 is the most popular set and can be used for indoor events with up to 150 guests, or outdoors for up to 75 guests. Set 3 is interesting for events with between 200 and 300 guests. Set 4 can be used for up to 500 people. Are you expecting even more guests, or do you want to shower your whole audience with an extreme confetti rain? Take a look at our stadium shot. If you would prefer the confetti shot to be noiseless , or if you want a continuous confetti rain, take a look at our confetti swirl.

Renting confetti: The Magic FX Stadiumshot
Large location, festival, or outdoor event? The Magic FX Stadiumshot is meant for larger events. This cannon can be filled with a whopping 3 kilograms of confetti, which is shot using high pressure air via a compressor. You can refill the cannons for multiple confetti moments during you event. We recommend requesting our control service with this item.

Renting confetti: The Magic Swirl Fan XL
At some events, the confetti must fall completely silently, or a continuous confetti rain may be needed. This is often the case during TV or film recordings. The Magic FX Swirl Fan XL is perfectly suited for these kinds of events. This container hangs above the audience and can be filled with 3 KG of confetti. You can activate the device remotely, turning the fan on. This ensures an even spread of confetti. The higher you hang the Swirl fan, the larger the area covered will be.

Confetti: How much do I get? Can I shoot multiple times?
Confetti for one shot is included in every powershot set. Do you want to shoot multiple times? That is possible by replacing the confetti tubes during your event. You can rent tubes for €12,50,- Excl. BTW for your shooters. You can order confetti by the kilogram for your Magic FX Stadiumshot and Magic Swirl Fan XL. These are available for €12,50 Excl BTW per kilogram.

Choosing confetti colour
It is possible to choose the colour of the confetti yourself. Practically every colour is possible. You can order confetti in your company colours or in the colours of your event. It is also possible to mix different colours to make your confetti totally personal. We recommend not mixing more than three colours of confetti to attain the optimum result.

Inform us of your top colour choices, so that we can prepare these on time. No idea what colours to choose? Our multicolour confetti is the perfect choice for you! This includes confetti in every colour of the rainbow. If you don’t specify a colour, we will deliver multi-coloured confetti with your order.

Confetti strands or bits
Would you prefer strands instead of bits of confetti? No problem. The strands, also known as serpentine, are easier to clean up after your event. Keep in mind that you will need to order a larger confetti set to attain the same result as you would with regular confetti. It is also important to note that you can not use these strands in rooms with chandeliers or other special items hanging from the ceiling. This will ensure that no strands will get stuck. Strands are only available for rent with shooters, they can not be used in the Magic FX Swirl Fan.

Renting a launch button
Do you need special effects for a reveal, opening, or launch? Confetti is of course a spectacular choice! Make your event even more festive by renting a launch button. This white pillar with a red button on it gives an extra special something to your event. This launch button can be connected to the Magic FX stadium shot and the Magic FX powershot sets. It can not be combined with the Magic FX swirl fan, sadly.

Renting a drop cloth
You can also rent a drop cloth or ‘kabuki’ from HWC Events & Rentals. It’s possible to simply rent a drop cloth, but also to rent a construction to contain the item you wish to reveal. The powerdrops for the raising of the cloth must be attach per metre. With one push of the button, the Magic FX Powerdrops will make the cloth fall, making the item visible to the public. Do you want more information about the powerdrop? Contact us!

Transport, setup, breakdown, and control options

Self Pickup and Return
Do you want to rent the materials as cheaply as possible? This is the best option for you. You pick up the special effects yourself at one of our loctaions and return them after your event. When you pick them up, you will receive a short explanation about how the materials must be set up. Our Amsterdam and Breda location is open on work days between 09:00 and 17:00.

Would you prefer everything to be delivered to your location? That’s possible. Simply add transport to the shopping cart. Transport can be added to orders of €125 excl BTW and above. The delivery costs differ depending on your location and can be seen after filling your location in.

Delivery, setup and breakdown
Are you not technically inclined, or would you prefer a ready to use package? We offer the option to let your materials be set up by qualified personnel on orders of €200 Excl. BTW and above. This means all you have to do is hit the button during your event. Click on ‘transport, setup & breakdown’ in the shopping cart.

Complete package with transport, setup, breakdown, and control
This option is very attractive for larger events. This package includes a professional who will control the special effects for you during your event. This means that he will be on standby during the entire event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contact us for a price estimate.