Wireless Lighting Hire

It’s not always possible to use wired devices at every event. Setting up cables for lighting often takes a lot of time and it’s simply not always necessary. We rent out a very wide range of wireless Astera lighting. These spotlights can operate up to 20 hours fully wirelessly on battery power. Our range includes not only LED tubes, such as the Astera AX1 PixelTube and TitanTube, but also powerful LED spots, such as the AX3 LightDrop, AX5 TriplePAR or AX10 SpotMAX. You can count on us for all of your Astera lighting and control needs, including the ART7 AsteraBox. We even offer wireless moving heads, such as the SGM G1 Beam. You’re at the right address for all of your wireless lighting needs!